The Bayou Journal May 27, 2003

Swamp Fever!

By Tracy Hebert, Editor

Sylvia Rochester, a native of Baton Rouge, has traveled to Europe, Africa, seen deserts, mountains and other astonishing places but the love of God's country has brought her to Bayou Corne where she now resides.

Sylvia, an artist, has been inspired by the beauty of the bayous and is able to transfer that breath taking scenery on canvas. An Avid outdoors person, she is often seen running the bayous and marshes of South Louisiana in her boat photographing scenes for future paintings. Of course, while traveling the bayous for her next photographs, she doesn't mind stopping and catching a mess of fish.

Sylvia is a long-time member of the Baton Rouge Art & Artists Guild and now holds membership I the River Region Art Association. Her paintings are exhibited quarterly at The Gallery, located in The Cajun Village in Sorrento and on consignment at Betts Fine Art in Baton Rouge. She is a graduate of L.S.U. with a B.S. in the College of Arts and Science with a concentration in Fine Arts and English.

When not painting, Sylvia enjoys writing and is a member of the national and local chapters of Romance Writers of America and is actively pursuing publication of two completed manuscripts. One book is a time travel set during the Civil War at Port Hudson and the other a romantic mystery involving drug smuggling in the bayous.

If ever in the area, stop by Sylvia's studio at l474 Sauce Piquante in Bayou Corne. You'll enjoy the view from her studio as it sets over the swamp and is incased with windows all around. From her studio you can see for yourself how she gets her inspiration and view some of her works.

Oh, by the way, check her feet. Maybe she's in love with the swamp and bayous so much that she went out and bought herself a pair of Pierre Part Reeboks. Sylvia also has a website for your convenience -


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